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Wangan Island
Wang-an Island, originally known as Bazhao, is a jewel on the sea south of Magong between Penghu Island and Qimei Island. It is 18 nautical miles from Magong Island and 11 nautical miles from Qimei Island. Ferry ride to Wang-an Island is approximately 90 minutes. The island has higher ground at north and slopes gradually toward south with highly developed wave-cut platforms along the coastline.

Tanmen Port is the gateway of Wang-an, which is completed with food and beverage services, visitor information center, buses, motorcycle rental business and shuttle ferry to/from Jiangjun Island.

There are several tourist attractions on the island, including Yuanyang Caves, Flower Mansion, Tiantaishan and more.

Huazhai Village (Flower Mansion Village), now Zhongshe Village, has the largest cluster of traditional houses of over 300 years. It is a must-visit destination on Wang-an Island.
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