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Museum Exhibition
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Chuwan Crab Museum
Chuwan Crab Museum is situated beside Chuwan Dayi Temple in Siyu Township. It was opened on April 1, 2004. In the area covering hundreds of square meters, hundreds of different kinds of crabs and even thousands of samples and living crabs are collected, which top the field in Taiwan.
Photo appreciation
相關圖片-Chuwan Crab Museum Exterior (將會開啟一新視窗)
相關圖片-Chuwan Crab Museum Door (將會開啟一新視窗)
相關圖片-Chuwan Crab Museum (將會開啟一新視窗)
景點地址: No.50-3,Bamboo Village,Shiyu Township,Penghu County 881
服務電話: 886-6-9983207
開放時間: 04/01-10/31 AM09:00~PM18:00;11/01-03/31 AM09:00~PM17:00
票價資訊: ● unanimously: 80 yuan
● discount ticket: 60 yuan
(10 or more groups, more than 65 years old, student card of the school students)
● height 110 cm below the children free admission (adult supervision required)
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