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Museum Exhibition
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Museum of Life in Penghu
When coming to Penghu, you are recommended to visit Penghu Living Museum first before starting your trip.

This museum was officially opened in 2010. This is the first museum in Taiwan dedicated to a city. Exhibitions including specimens, cultural relics and documents, photographs, ecology and cityscape models, as well as multimedia information guide to enrich the content.

Was affiliated with Penghu County Cultural Affairs Bureau. It contains four floors the outdoor area on the first floor is the public art area, where you can see a very striking large teapot. The teapot was designed by Mr. Gao Shen-Yu with the title of "Peng pot (Hu) – Feng Ru tea". On the large teapot embedded empty and transparent painted bowls, with lights at the bottom. In night, the lights will shoot out through the empty and transparent painted bowls it is very beautiful! Meanwhile, the painted bowl is also known as "Wind Bowl". When the wind is heavy, the wind will blow into the inside of the large teapot through the empty and transparent “Wind Bowl”, making a "whirring" sound, very special! The dark appearance of the large teapot symbolizes Penghu basalt. So, its style is meaningful you’d better not just have a look, for maybe you can hear the wind!

To visit Penghu Living Museum is the first step to understand the Penghu. Frankly speaking, you must be psychologically prepared that it must take half a day to carefully watch the heritage, data, and history introduced in the Life Museum. Do not gain a superficial understanding through cursory observation, because through the detailed introduction in Penghu Living Museum, when you enjoy the white clouds, blue sky and beautiful sea waves of Penghu, you will deeply understand how long geological movement it takes to form the shell sand under your feet! How long geological movement it takes to form the basalt, the craftsmanship of the Mother Nature! And when you pass by the old house made by Lao-Gu stones, you will appreciate the unique architectural features of Penghu people!
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景點地址: No. 327, Shinsheng Rd.,Magong City,Penghu County 880
服務電話: 886-6-9210405
開放時間: AM09: 00-PM17: 00 (16:30 stop ticketing); every Thursday, the Lunar New Year's Eve, if necessary, the museum will be announced the Closed time, natural disasters, the government announcement to stop work day Closed
票價資訊: ● unanimously: 80 yuan
● group ticket: 60 yuan
● discount ticket: $ 30
● prefectural group discount ticket: 20 yuan
● The county student discount ticket: 15 yuan
● other ticket types, see its official website
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