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Kuibishan Geopark
Located in the north shore of Beiliao Village, Penghu, Kuibi Mountain is commonly known as “Turtle Mountain”, because the close seashores were rich in turtles.  Another possible reason for its name is that the mountain looks like a turtle lying on the beach if viewed from the sea, hence the name, just like Turtle Island is named for its turtle shape. It can be found that Taiwanese would like to give name to places directly based on the visual appearance. Later, because the "Turtle Mountain" is indecent, people gave it a more artistic name called "Kuibi Mountain", which is now generally accepted.
Kuibishan Geopark contains Kuibi Mountain and Chi Island. When the tide is going out, there will show a long beach land, of the terrain of land-tied island. People can walk to the Chi Island when the tide is going, and it is a very strange that this usually appear in the low tide time. On the right of this sea separation path, there the Nanliao Winds. The s-shape basalt gravel path links Chiyu via the tied island. It is a great spot for watching sunrise and stars. However, I must remind you! If you want to go along this beach land, you must accurately calculate the low tide time, because in the high tide, the sea will rose slowly from behind the Chi Island where your eyesight can not reach, and the sea water will attack from both sides of the Chi Island. When the sea water covered high up to the knee, due to the water pressure, the walking speed will be four or five times lower than the usual days. It is often too later to leave after you see the high tide. In the past, there were many tourists or even locals who had no time to leave because they are not familiar with the characteristics of sea tides and were unfortunately killed! So, besides accurately calculating the hours of high and low tides, it is also very important to have professional tour guides who are familiar with the features of local sea water!
In Kuibishan Geopark, the basalt rich in olive stone - Fantzu stone and marine abrasion topography, is a very important geological feature of this geological park.  From of old, Kuibi Mountain has been ranked one of the famous old scenery in Penghu for “Starry Kuibi”.  
Here, you can not only see tourists swimming and frolicking in the sea, overlook the scenery, and see the vast ocean, but also you can watch the stars and watch the sunrise, both being suitable sceneries. In addition, on the right in front the Chi Island, with a little notice, you can see the beautiful clover windmills in Jhungtun Wind Power Farm, which are quite elegant. Interested friends can go close, for it must be fun to take photos against the windmills as background.

Currently, the government has imposed access control to the area: “red for stop and green for pass”. The accessible area is 7.5m radius from the path. For ecological conservation, landscape maintenance, and visitor safety, no climbing on Chiyu or landing on the isle is allows.

In the last couple of year, the government built facilities including the visitor center, public toilets, landscape art, and a cute turtle to tell the origin of the geonym in the park. Behind this cute turtle is a foot washing area. On the wall there are some lovely totems are carved. They are the miniature of surfing at Kuibishan.

Kuibishan-Chiyu Sea Separation Path > Tide Tables

Photo appreciation
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