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Hsiaomen Whale Cave

Type:Natural scenic spots
Area:Shiyu Township
Hsiaomen Whale Cave 

Located in Hsiaomen Village, Siyu Township, Penghu County, the Whale Cave was originally a basalt headland, but after long time eroded by Northeast monsoon and unceasingly eroded by sea water, there finally appeared a marine abrasion arch like sea cape. The shape is like a whale reaching a deadlock on the beach, so it acquired the fame “Whale Cave”. 

Because the surrounding of Hsiaomen Whale Cave is a terrain of basalt geology, the topography is so poor that it is difficult to grow plants here except cactus which can adapt to the terrain circumstance here. Walking on the slope way, you can see many cacti growing here in despite of the poor topography, some even blooming beautiful flowers, so impressive. 

Honeycomb Field 

Around the whale cave, you can see the “honey-comb field” not far away. Such special scenery, in fact, was originally built up by Gu-Lao stones to prevent the negative influence of the strong Northeast monsoon in winter on the plants and crops, so that the plants and crops can grow smoothly. 

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